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Last updated Monday, June 24, 2019

It can be tempting to save money and get a smaller tv or get the biggest there is but it is important to enhance your experience by buying the correct set; even if that means 'stretching' the budget.  In 2004 for example a Philips 30" LCD with pixel plus would set you back £2700. Now you could get a LG 65" OLED for this and have £100 change.

You may be thinking why would I want a 65 inch television? You may have a much smaller tv and be happy with that however, the advent of 4K Ultra high definition content means that we can now sit closer to our televisions, immersing ourselves like never before and enhancing our viewing experience further. To see a tangible difference and appreciate fully 4K content the experts say you should go for 40 inch or larger.

magazineThere are general rules of thumb when measuring the distance you can sit from your television which are discussed below, however, it all depends on the type of content you are watching.

The quality of 4k Ultra HD which means four times as many pixels; allows you to sit a little closer to your tv without being able to make out the individual pixels.

There are significant benefits to buying a larger television especially when watching content that requires    a wide viewing angle for example sport, gaming and 4k blu ray movies.

You will also of course benefit from the bigger screen effect - being able to make out beads of sweat on footballers heads, blades of grass and even the nervous looks on the fan's faces.



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