Showcase Your New 4K Ultra HD TV - Where to find content?

Where to find the best content for your new TV

Last updated Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Congratulations.....You have purchased your new 4K Ultra HD Television. You are well and truly on your way to the future of viewing pleasure. 

Chusaroo's "Know It Owl" has hopefully assisted you in your purchase, recommending an ideal product based on the room where you watch your tv, your budget and the kind of services you use. 

If you have opted for a Smart TV, you will be able to utilise streaming services which now offer a wealth of 4K content. You Tube, Netflix, Amazon Prime all offer original content in glorious ultra high definition.

Clarkson may and hammond
Image courtesy of Amazon

One of Chusaroo's top recommendations would be The Grand Tour with Clarkson, Hammond and May. Free for Amazon Prime members, bask in some of the world's best cars in stunning and vibrant colour.

Join Amazon Prime's FREE Trial here to take advantage of streaming thousands of HD and Ultra HD movies and programs. Free 30 day trial.


If the thought of watching 4K Ultra HD Blu Rays whets your appetite (and it should) a dedicated 4K Blu Ray Player would be a very suitable partner to your new 4K TV. These have reduced heavily in price since 4K launched, for example John Lewis sell a fantastic Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Player for under £130. With their free delivery, 2 year guarantee and excellent customer service this would be a sound purchase. 


image courtesy of BBC

Chusaroo highly recommends your first 4K Blu Ray purchases as Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II. Even if you don't like programs like this, we promise this will change your mind.

Zavvi UK consistently offer some of the best deals for 4K Blu Rays.

Blue Planet 2 and Planet Earth 2 Boxset for example is 30% off the RRP.


Virgin Media, BT and Sky all now offer 4K content including Sport via their new set top boxes. The Sky Q 2TB together with a Sky Sports HD subscription show weekly Premier League football matches in stunning 4K Ultra HD.



Chusaroo is also excited to hear that FIFA has confirmed the entire 2018 World Cup in Russia will be available in 4K UHD. All 64 matches at this years tournament will also be produced in HDR (High Dynamic Range).

While 4K offers four times more pixels than HD Tv's, HDR is about creating better pixels. Brighter whites and darker blacks, 10-bit panels can finally produce 1 billion colours.

So will the UK get to experience this during the World Cup? FIFA will be supplying the media rights licensees with 4K UHD productions of all games. This means BBC and ITV in the UK, however, we would need either the BBC or ITV to release a 4K channel in time for tournament start date of 14th June 2018. Chusaroo is awaiting confirmation of a 4k channel release date. Please sign up to our newsletter to receive updates.


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