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Last updated Tuesday, December 15, 2020

If like me you found the prospect of purchasing a TV quite confusing with all the jargon and sheer choice, you will know that a simple interactive tool will have given you more confidence that you have bought the most suitable item. 

With months of research and development with some very talented web developers we decided to ask five key questions based on your personal situation / viewing environment. These we believe are the fundamentals of recommending the ideal TV for you, not the most expensive or with the best features which lets face it; the retailers want you to buy.

Below gives some insight into how this tool works in the background. Give it a try and see if the owl recommends something you would not have thought of?







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  • Your TV viewing habits – What you watch.

Different genres of TV program will test your TV in different ways, for example, if you use your TV to watch Sport, we will recommend a product with either a high refresh rate or good motion processing capabilities ie Sony Bravia’s Motionflow. If your budget allows it, we will also further filter this to include HDR (High Dynamic Range) which improves colour vibrancy making grass at the football more realistic. 


Gamers will require a TV with low input lag, high refresh rates and HDR, with some modern console games supporting 4K HDR. If you select Sport and Gaming, the tool will recommend the best TV for both these requirements.

Simply, if you watch Netflix and Catchup TV for example the BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub etc the tool will only recommend Smart televisions with a Wi-Fi / Ethernet connection. Pretty much every product on the market at the moment supports these. BBC iPlayer has recently trialled 4K sport with great success. The World Cup in Russia aswell as Wimbledon showed immense improvement over standard high def. The detail provided via HLG HDR was awesome, individual blades of grass aswell as making out every face in the Centre Court crowd. 

Depending on your budget, if you only watch standard definition DVD and free to air channels we may or may not recommend a 4k TV. However, it is certainly worth thinking about with the 'standard def switch off looming', many channels will be thinking about thei quality of their broadcasts.

Obviously if you click “4K content”, the owl will only suggest 4K TV’s, but the new 4K products do an excellent job of upscaling DVD and standard TV so this would improve your experience of watching these.

  • Your viewing environment?

How close you sit and how bright your room is maybe isn’t something you perceive as that important when you purchase a new TV. There a rules of thumb for how close you can sit to your TV for varying screen sizes, and, the quality of the content you watch. Chusaroo’s “Know-It-Owl” adopts an average distance calculation here. By this we assume you will watch a mixture of high quality broadcasts (ie in HD / 4K) and some standard def content. The experts say the better quality content allows you to sit slightly closer without seeing pixels on screen, and the further away you sit the larger the screen size should be. 

tv room

If like me you only really watch the TV in a room of normal brightness levels, most screen technologies will suit. In fact the know it Owl will give you a broader choice for this. If however, you watch TV in a “Quite Bright” or “Very Bright” room, we will filter products differently. Cetain screen technologies, for example Samsung’s QLED and LG’s OLED achieve on average higher levels of brightness measured in nits). A quite bright room will usually require a brighter screen to counteract the extra light levels. A very bright room would see the know it owl suggest QLED Curved screens. QLED achieve the highest nit levels and the curved screen helps to reduce glare from nearby window

  • Budget?

A big factor in our purchase habits. 0-£750 may seem like a very broad filter and initially we had this at 0-£500. However, there are a number of excellent, top rated products around the £550 - £700 mark and we recognise that if you selected 0-£500 you would be missing out on a better bargain. Sometimes an extra £50 can deliver a product without compromising quality and features. The "Know-It-Owl' is designed to recommend you the best product, without compromise, so don't be put off if she recommends a TV out of your price bracket. After all, you get what you pay for! However, several sub-£600 TV's on Chusaroo have achieved that elite 90%+ rating, so be confident in refining your budget and still get the best!

  • Chusaroo’s % TV rating and how this further filters?

So, the Owl has made you some recommendations, hopefully three depending on how specific you are. However, your search parameters may suit several hundred products, so why have you been recommended the three TV's in front of you? Once the products ideal for you have been filtered, the Owl completes one final filter in the background. She recommends the three TV's with the highest Chusaroo percentage rating. 

The Chusaroo % rating is a weighted measure approach to reviewing the product. We take the reviews of established, reputable experts and take an average rating. The reason for this - simply to give you a generalised impartial verdict. We use reviews from What HiFi, techradar, Which?, and Rtings as well as taking into account user reviews from Amazon, Richer Sounds, What HiFi, PRC Direct, Co-Op Electrical to name but a few.

Instead of searching hundreds of websites, sifting through thousands of products, many identical technically; try the Know It Owl. She is FREE to use and even if you dont like what she recommends, it will certainly give you an idea of the best product specification to look for. 

  • What's in it for us?

Chusaroo was founded to help, advise and streamline a very difficult process of buying a new TV. In fact, when you take into account the prices associated with a new TV, it is probably something you will keep putting off. There are thousands of products on the market, many of which have the same features, but the experts are usually unanimous with what not to buy and which is the best value for money.  Chusaroo uses their expertise aswell as our own unique tool to cut through the jargon and recommend the ideal TV for your needs, hopefully driving you to make that final decision.

When you click on one of our links to the trusted retailers and purchase a product; we may or may not receive a small commission. We are completely impartial, we do not preference brands or retailers, we merely report factually on the quality of products and where to get it for the best price and get the best service. All commissions are used to keep Chusaroo up to date and on the net, so thank you for using us. 


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