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Why Chusaroo? And is it for you?

Last updated Tuesday, October 15, 2019

I found buying a new TV very confusing. There was too much jargon, choice and prices varied massively from retailer to retailer. How could I be getting the best deal and was i spending more than i needed to?

I have been interested in anything ‘TV’ and home entertainment since my first flat screen purchase in 2002. I remember spending more than I could afford for technology that is today available for a tenth of what it was then. The salesman was polite and knowledgable but he didn't have the time to explain all the jargon and which TV was best for my living room.

I purchased a TV which with hindsight was not the best one for me and I subsequently found it cheaper (a lot cheaper!) elsewhere a few weeks later. Over the years my interest in the development of High Definition, and Ultra High Definition has seen me change my ‘telly’ several times, each time getting bigger and better and actually spending less as my knowledge improves, even if my wife cant see the difference?

Then last year my father in law asked me “Which TV would you recommend, and how much should I spend?” I took to the internet to try and find the best product for him. It took me hours, and i was suprised by how much the prices varied, and all of the different tech terms, some of which do the same thing. I thought, if there was a free service which asked a few questions and recommended you TV’s at the best price - that would be cool.

So, Chusaroo was born, founded by myself with the inspiration of my wife Rebecca, my children Erin and William with the input of my father-in-law; Mark, we will hopefully make your purchase as easy and rewarding as possible. My wife says its my "5 til 9" job, which i try and fit in around kids clubs, meal times and tantrums!

Chusaroo does not stock any products, we merely recommend products based on what you tell us and publish the best prices from a wide range of stockists (some of whom you may not have heard of), but certainly well established and trusted retailers. If you do make a purchase after visiting us we may or may not receive a small commission. This helps my wife and I keep Chusaroo up to date and on the web, so thank you for visiting us.

Why not give us a try and sign up to receive articles and guides. The website is in its infancy so naturally we know it will improve with users feedback, so please, we would love to hear what you think?




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